Our president

Patrick Simpson followed two passions when he established Resonance in March of 2009—his love for quality construction based on functional design and the joy he derived from helping homeowners transform their lives.

Today, drawing on 10 years of customer experience in the delivery of home services, Patrick Simpson’s inspirational dream for Resonance is to create within the home construction industry altogether new standards for design, quality and customer experience. This is Patrick Simpson’s dream; this is his company,Resonance.

Our mission

Our mission is to renew and energize the spaces in which you live. By creating a harmony and balance between structure, layout, color and light, we aspire to awaken the latent potential of your home environment and align it with the way you want to live your life. We believe that the design and construction process is about you and your needs, first and foremost. So we aspire to keep you and your needs at the very centre of the Resonance process from start to finish.

Our values

We aspire to honour all of our commitments.
We aspire to raise the bar on industry quality and service standards.
We aspire to exceed customer expectations.
We aspire to establish respectful and enjoyable working relationships with our employees and customers.
We aspire to place the needs of our customers at the centre of the design and construction process from start to finish

How we work

From the beginning to the completion of your project, your dreams, your ideas, your unique needs will be at the center of everything we do.

The first step in our process is for us to learn about you, your lifestyle and how you wish to transform the space in which you live.

The next step in our process is to discuss and ultimately finalize detailed plans that convey the project’s scope and associated costs, often allowing for different build scenarios. From there a project schedule is established.

Throughout the project our team remains open to making every effort to minimize disruptions to your lifestyle and daily activities.
Clean up happens at the end of every day. As part of our closing process our team conducts a thorough inspection of the completed work, ensuring that everything meets are meticulous standards.